Friday, March 15, 2013

It has been a while..

It has been a while since my last post. Three years back. Guess life has been good for me and I found other ways of expressing myself.

I don't know if I will keep writing again. But no point thinking so far, because for now, I feel like blogging again.

Got married last year. Been leading a happy life. Hubby is now on project in another place. Which allows us to meet only once a month or longer. Had been able to deal with it bcos of my busy work schedule. Plenty of traveling and long working hours take my mind off from missing him.

When he isn't around, I lead my life like a normal human being. It was seeing him the last time he got back that I realized I need him physically here to lighten up my life. It was such a great feeling with him around again after some a long time.

It has been about three months now from the beginning of his posting. I guess my strong pretentious ego that kept me going is breaking down. I miss him so much. Especially when I am feeling low and lost.

But I still refuse to admit that I can't take it anymore from the separation, from work and from feeling lost. A voice inside me is telling me that "come on, you are stronger than this" but yet, I teared alone tonight.

I am tired. From work mainly. And I failed by allowing it to affect me emotionally.

And I pray to wake up the next morning. Feeling lighten. May I find my passion in work once again.

Friday, January 22, 2010

i like...

lazy to to sum up 2009 :P

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dedicated to Jackie

Mom had three dogs when she was really young ( i mean real young like at the age of 10ish) and mommy has always wanted to have dog in our family but daddy can't stand the mess and trouble. So my siblings and i have never spent much time with doggie.

When i was young (and once again i mean really 10ish.. haha), i was really scared of dogs. That was mainly because of the way they jump onto u and also the fact that i could not understand what they were thinking. I was afraid of getting bitten and also I din really like the way they lick people. So unless it was a cute tiny harmless puppy, i would normally walked away from a dog and i always did it in a very obvious manner. And yes, just in case u r wondering, i was the kind of girl that screams when a dog comes close to her.

These few days/weeks, my roomie and I have taken up the responsibility to take care of Jackie (a friend's puppy) So while pris is away for her trip, I have to take care of poor jackie. I still gotta admit that I was really scared of her at first. She seemed so uncontrollably aggressive to me and I dreaded the time I visited her in her apartment and did not feel happy at all when i had to clean up her shit and mess.

As time goes by, Jackie is not as annoying as she seemed to be. She is just a kid asking for attention and some time to have fun. I began to understand the signs she gives, the message she tries to deliver through her eyes and how smart she actually is. Brought her out on sat to Venus Bay and that was the first time she got out of her place for about 2 weeks. She was so hard to control at first but after some time and some training, she was still manageable. She simply loved the walk by the beach and the attention of me and my friends. I could feel the joy within her and I was really glad that she had so much fun. I enjoyed bringing her out, watching her emotion/action. It was impossible and not right to control her to act in the way we would want her to, but she can be quite an angel and understand what we would like her to do sometimes. I may not be good at explaining what I love about her, well actually i may not know exactly why I love her too, but anyway she is just simply adorable.

She likes the way we pat her head and body, she likes running around the apartment at 110km/h, she likes to play with u, she likes to jump to reach ur hand, she likes to go out for a walk and meet her doggie frens, she likes to play with her food, she poos everywhere and sniffs at her own shit, she loves attention, she loves to eat food off ur palm, she loves to lick u on ur neck and back, she loves jumping around and on the couch........

all in all, i am beginning to love her. I don't mind visiting her and making her happy. I would buy stuff for her and I can't bear to leave her everyday. Hope that she can grow up happily with love from her owners. And please people, no matter how cute pets can be, don't have them if u can't take care of them or truly love them. They are just like children. U need to teach them, love them, take care of them, spend ur life with them and most importantly be RESPONSIBLE for them.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


wait? go? stop?

how long must i wait?

what will happen if i wait? would it be different if i don't?

am i just waiting for nothing?

what if i lose the patience of waiting?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cute friend

ckcw5 was heading down to city once while her roomie had to stay home to study. so...

ckcw5: "do u need me to get anything?
Roomie:" yes please. Get your yourself happiness"

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


1. i can't believe how childish people can get

2. i don't freaking talk to people who insult me

3. no matter how angry u get, if i don't care, i seriously mean i can't be bothered, so drop it. no matter how u scold, insult or spread rumours about me... once again.. I DON'T FREAKING CARE!

4. u do not call people "dog"

5. who r u to lecture me the way my parents DON'T do.